Maple Tree and Borer Pest

Maple tree are under attack by Borers!  Some specialist even state that within the next 3-10 years we will witness the death of most of these trees in our area.

Here are some links:

Good News:  The maple tree between the street and sidewalk the city of Overland Park manages.  If you suspect an issue with your tree contact the city and they will inspect/remove/replace the tree for FREE!  It’s not a quick process but it is FREE!.  Click here Tree Service Request to start your process.

Of course you can spend a few hundred dollars and have a tree service do it in a day or two.

Bad News:  If the issue with trees NOT between the street and sidewalk then you will have to pay to remove and haul away.

Friendly Note:  Understand the Overland Park policy on Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Maple Leaf Festival:  Baldwin, KS-Oct 19-20, 2013