2014 HOA Dues are Due

BreadDownDuesSpending-2013-12-31Click on image to the left to see the breakdown of of Dues Spending.

Dues mailing notifications went out in early December 2013.

(Sorry it is now pass deadline for discount)If you paid before Jan 1, 2014 you received a $25 discount.

January 31, 2014 is when Dues are due.  Any after that are consider late and a late penalty will be applied.



Lost your Invoice? Click PDF image to the left and get a generic invoice.


The Amber Meadows Homes Association Delinquency Policy is as follows:

LATE FEES: Dues payments not received by January 31, are subject to late fees and suspension of all disposal (trash, recycle, yard waste) services the following week.

  • Returned checks (for insufficient funds) will incur a $50 returned check fee. The HOA will only accept cashier’s checks from residents who have previously had checks returned for insufficient funds.
  • If dues are not paid in full by January 31, residents will be charged a late fee of $25.00 on February 1 statements and disposal services will be suspended immediately. To reinstate disposal services, residents must pay dues and all late fees incurred.
  • On February 28, if dues are not paid in full, residents will be charged an additional $25.00 late fee on March 1 statement.
  • On April 1, if dues and late fees are not paid in full,
    (1) a $200.00 lien filing fee will be added to the homeowner’s account in accordance with the Homes Assoc. legal documents;
    (2) interest will be levied monthly from February 1, at the maximum rate allowed in Kansas on judgments;
    (3) a lien will be filed on residence for all delinquent dues, fees and interest. All future dues, penalties, fees and interest will accrue until lien is paid.

Payment is PAST DUE on February 1.

Any questions contact the Amber Meadows Treasurer, See Contact Us page.