2016 Pool Upgrades – Open Saturday May 28, 9AM

2016 Bathroom Upgrade
2016 Bathroom Upgrade

Pool opens Saturday May 28, 2016 9am.  There is almost $18K worth of needed improvements.  Most of this was in the complete overhaul of the two bathrooms and pouring of cement to correct water drainage.  Also had a few surprise issues over the winter that caused additional expenses.  There are still a few more repairs need to be done and will be put out to bid and resolved.  After 25+ years of use the pool area needed these improvements.  Again this was paid by HOA members and yearly dues.  Thank you!

Pool Code is needed to access the pool.  It is the same as last year.  If you are on the email list than you will receive a reminder.  If not on list then go here to get the latest details. You can contact the pool manager too.

Please take a few minutes and review the Pool Rules.  It is every HOA member to understand and follow the rules.

PS:  Don’t forget at NOON the Potluck at the Pool!