Results of the Proposed Amendments Vote

In December, every home in the Amber Meadows HOA was sent a ballot to decide upon six different amendments to the Amber Meadows Declaration of Restrictions.

We received 188 ballots back. Any ballow measure would require 186 “yes” votes to pass.

None of the ballot initiatives passed. Much of this due to the lack of people participating in voting at all.

  1. Allowing for wrought iron fencing.
    1. 150 votes for.
  2. Allowing for garbage cans storage outside of a house, but hidden behind a fence/home or other approved structure.
    1. 131 votes for.
  3. Allowing for detached sheds that are no more than 6 feet tall. Matches house colors and roofing. (Basically small, free-standing external storage).
    1. 117 votes for.
  4. Allowing small free standing structures for storage purposes that are not visible from the road in front of the house. (In other words, the back yard only). Examples are Deck Box and Storage Containers. OP regulation, 18.180.070, 18.3801.140D.
    1. 148 votes for.
  5. Improved flexibility of HOA rules/bylaws. The 10 year gap is much too large and does not account for how rapidly people’s needs are changing these days. Change to every 3 years.
    1. 167 votes for.
  6. Allow for solar shingles, such as those that Tesla is selling now. Not the panel type but solar shingles that look like current rooftops.
    1. 165 votes for.

Due to the 5th question on the ballot, it will be another 10 years until we can change any of the bylaws. The only way around this, if I remember correctly, is a super majority vote. If this is something you would like to seek then please attend board meetings or contact the board with your requests.