Preliminary (unapproved) Minutes for January 13th, 2020 Board Meeting

Below is a link to the preliminary meeting minutes for the board meeting on January 13th, 2020.

Please download the Meeting Minutes here:

Attendance:   2020 Board: Kyle Kuhlman, Matt Stevens, Patrick Thurmond, Karen Bartelli, Cliff Speegle

Approval of Minutes:   Previous Meeting minutes were approved

Recognized Homeowners Present:  Mike Bretton, Shane Walker, Kristen and Conner Thurmond

New DIscussion: 

Annual Voting for 2020 Board was held:

  • Candidates up for election: Karen Bartelli, Kyle Kuhlman, Matt Stevens, Patrick Thurmond, Cliff Speegle
  • All Candidates were re-elected for the 2020 year

Board Meetings Scheduled for 2020 – Unless otherwise stated:

  • Board Meeting will be held on the second Tuesday of the Month at 7:00pm , Price Chopper, 11700 W 135th in Overland Park, KS
  • Here are the proposed meeting dates but are subject to change:

 Feb. 11th,  March 10th, April 14th,  May 12th, June 9th, July 14th,  Aug. 11th, Sept. 8th, Oct 13th,   Nov. 10th, Dec. 8th

  • All Homeowners are encouraged to attend


  • Matt Stevens was elected to continue in his role as President of the AMHOA. 
  • Reviewed rules of procedure that are to be followed in Meetings for 2020 
  • Estimates for Neighborhood Waste Management were presented – with the Board voting to establish a new contract with Deffenbaugh/Waste Management for the next 5 years.  As with all utilities, the cost has increased and we will continue to look at how this will impact the 2021 HOA Assessment Fee – We will continue to inform residents that a  vote to increase the 2021 Assessment fee by $25.00 per household is predicted
  • After discussion with Deffenbaugh about bulk pick up days ( scheduled the 3rd Saturday of each month) it was recommended that homeowners contact Deffenbaugh to notify them if you will require pick up – call 1-800-631-3301
  • Bulk Trash pickup dates are as follows:   Jan. 23rd, Feb. 20th, March 19th, April 23rd, May 21st, June 18th, July 23rd, Aug. 20th, Sept. 24th, Oct. 22nd, Nov. 19th

  • Results of the Bidding process were are follows:

Deffenbaugh Waste Management – $15.00 a month, per household

Gardner Disposal – $18.00 a month, per household

KC DIsposal – $14.50 a month, per household

Republic Disposal – did not respond to our request for a bid

  • Although KC Disposal entered a slightly lower bid, the board felt it was not worth changing out trash cans and other transition inconveniences

VICE PRESIDENT:   Patrick Thurmond was elected to fulfill the position as VP for 2020 – He will be responsible for leading the monthly board meeting should Matt Stevens be unable to attend.


  • Kyle Kuhlman was elected to continue in the role as Treasurer for 2020
  • The AMHOA is on budget for 2019 with a 5-7% savings.  This savings is necessary for the Bigger budget items schedule throughout the next 5 years.  (Fencing, Pool Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, etc – see more under “Grounds and Pool” report.
  • We have currently received approximately 50% of the 2020 Assessment Fees.  As of Feb. 1st, Young Management will begin adding a $25.00 per month late fee and will send out notices to homeowners who have yet to pay.  
  • Our 2nd largest budget item in 2019 was ground repairs and maintenance (Trash is 1st)
  • Over the next month, the board will work on setting the yearly budget for 2020.


  • Karen Bartelli was elected to continue as head of the Architectural committee for 2020.
  • Implemented a new policy that Homeowner’s request for home additions and other requests that fall outside that of basic house maintenance will be placed on the agenda and discussed at the following board meeting to allow for residents to request further information if desired.
  • Because of this new policy, we would like to notify residents that there may be a 1-2 month wait period for approval of their requests.


  • The board voted to share the responsibilities for Social events.
  • The Board voted to hold the following Social Events for 2020:  Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July Parade/Celebration, Fall Festival, and the Holiday Light Decoration Contest
  • If any residents are interested in organizing and/or assisting in these events, please contact Us!!


  • Karen Bartelli was elected to continue as Secretary for 2020.


  • Cliff Speegle was elected to continue as head of Grounds and Pool for 2020 
  • Completed replanting at the monument on 129th and Nieman – cost was approx $1000 Vs $3000 for a professional installation.  The Board would love to hear your opinions!
    • Plan is to Budget for 2 more monument plantings, the 2 monuments off 129 and Quivira) in addition to adding annuals for color.
    • We continue to have difficulties with the light for the monument at 127th and Bond.  Will look into getting bids for fixing this problem.
    • Trial with solar lights on the monuments located at 129th and Quivira were not as effective as we had hoped.  The board will continue to look for alternative lighting options. Unlike the other monuments, there is no electricity at these monuments.
    • Scheduled to have 3 trees placed along 129th and Quivira this Spring
    • Met with the City Forester about replacing the Ash trees on Bond street.  They have identified a few trees that are scheduled to be replaced over the next 2 years.  If you have a concern about your tree located on city property (between the sidewalk and the street) please notify the City Forester office at 913-327-6639
  • Pool
  • We had a brief conversation about providing vending machines at the pool for homeowner convenience.  It was recommended that a poll be run to determine how residents felt about this issue. If the board decided to proceed with this plan, please note that no cost would be occurred to the AMHOA
  • Pool Safety is a concern for everyone, the Board is looking into hosting a Pool Safety Class for children at the beginning of the season.
  • BUDGET ITEMS FOR CONSIDERATION:   The following are big budget maintenance items that will require our attention and funds over the next 1-5 years
    • Fence replacement – The Board has been saving for fence replacement for the last couple of years and voted to tackle replacement over several years.  The section of fencing from 127th and Bond to Neimain was replaced in 2017. Fencing along Quivira and east on 127th to Bond also need replacement.   Estimation for the entire project is between $40,000 to $50,000.
    • We are currently looking into who is responsible for the block retaining wall that runs along Nieman.  If Amber Meadows is responsible rather than the City we will need to gather information on the cost of wall reconstruction.
    • The neighborhood sprinkler system is starting to show it’s age – We will look at increasing this budget item to account for additional costs.
    • The Pool decking on the East side of the pool was replaced a couple of years ago.  We are now looking at maintenance for the West side of the pool deck, as well as re-tiling the top edge of the pool,  re-painting, and underwater lighting maintenance.
    • The pool cover will also need to be replaced in the next 1-3 years.


  • Patrick Thurmond was elected to continue as WebMaster for 2020.
  • Approximately 50% of homeowners are opening emails from the Board
  • Completed website overall, increase ease of access, speed, and appearance


  • Homeowner, Mrs. Speegle has graciously volunteered to be head of the neighbor Welcome wagon.  
  • It was recommended that along with the Welcome Basket, the new homeowners also receive the names and phone numbers of neighbors. 

Next Meeting:  Feb. 11th @ 7:00pm