Minutes for February 11th, 2020 Board Meeting

Below is a link to the preliminary meeting minutes for the board meeting on February 11th, 2020.

Please download the Meeting Minutes here:




Matt Stevens – President

Patrick Thurmond – Vice President

Kyle Kuhlman – Treasurer

Cliff Speegle – Grounds/Pool

Mike Bretton – Resident

Becky Crowder – Resident

Jay Crowder – Resident


Review and approval of previous meetings minutes

  • Approved minutes

Resident Item

  • Kay and Jay Crowder came to the meeting to discuss sidewalk snow removal requirements
    • Kay reviewed her conversations with the City of Overland Park and what she has found other city’s do in regards to having property owners remove snow from sidewalks. It is a challenging issue for cities to enforce and keep property owners educated about responsibilities.  Kay will have more information later in the year from Overland Park.
    • Kay wants sidewalks to be safe for people needing to use them after snow events.
    • Through her conversations and research she has realized that neighborhoods should clear common ground sidewalks. She asked if we had considered doing this for our common sidewalks (Quivira, 127th, and Neiman)
    • The HOA  quoted the cost of sidewalk snow removal in 2019 and it was found to be expensive. The board will look into how snow removal can be managed and funded in the future.
  • The Crowders also asked about solar shingles and HOA restrictions. 
    • The by-laws don’t allow attachments to roofs but solar shingles aren’t addressed. They could  potentially be allowed if they were part of the roof and met architectural requirements. The HOA has not been approached with request for solar shingles yet. 

Grounds contract

  • The board review grounds contracts bids. Costs were comparable and Bretton’s Lawn Inc. has provided good service over previous contracts
  • The board voted to approve the contract with Bretton’s Lawn Inc. for 2020 and additional services of fall lawn overseeding. Amber Meadows will prepay on the contract and receive a 5% discount.

Discussion Items

  • Monument lights – solar lights have had a fair success at 129th and Bond. The board will look into commercial grade solar panels that can provide additional lumens to match the other monuments. 
  • A replacement fixture for the  monument light that is out at Bond and 127th has been found. It will be replaced soon. In the meantime, leftover solar landscape lights are being used.
  • Pool security and cameras will be addressed when the pool opens in summer so all board members have camera access via phone app.
  • Cliff Speegle will look into quotes on pool deck concrete repairs
  • Pool lights will be checked prior to opening by an electrician
  • Discussed opening pool on May 21st to match up with the last day of school
  • Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt will be Saturday April 4th
  • Fall Festival will be October 10th
  • Kyle Kuhlman gave a review of HOA dues received to date. Approximately 10 % of properties have yet to pay. This is a typical number compared to other years. Youngs Management will send out notices to remaining properties.
  • The board reviewed the 2020 budget
    • Monument planting upgrades at Quivira and 129th were included
    • Monument christmas light upgrades were included. Matt Stevens will order lights for all monuments. 
    • Sprinkler system repair costs were increased based on 2019 repair needs.
    • Fence replacement from Bond west to Quivira was discussed and will be quoted for replacement. This has been on the radar for a number of years.
    • Increased Welcome Wagon budget. 

Action Items

  1. Research snow removal costs and options
  2. Replace Bond monument light
  3. Secure quotes on concrete deck repair, fence replacement
  4. Purchase monument christmas lights

Next Meeting 

March 10th @ 7pm at Price Chopper