Minutes for March 10th, 2020 Board Meeting

Below is a link to the preliminary meeting minutes for the board meeting on March 10th, 2020.

Please download the Meeting Minutes here:


Attendance:   Kyle Kuhlman, Matt Stevens, Patrick Thurmond, Karen Bartelli, Cliff Speegle

Recognized Homeowners Present:  Mike Bretton

Motions and Approval of Minutes:   

  • Previous Meeting minutes were approved by vote of board
  • Motion made and board approved to proceed with meeting without  Robert’s Rules of Order

Old Action Items

 2/11/2020: Research cost of snow removal – The homeowner who inquired about this issue is currently in contact with the city of Overland Park and will update the AMHOA with information regarding new regulations/options as there are available (will remove from action items at this time and addressed when more information becomes available)

2/11/2020: Replacement of Bond monument lights –  Board approved to move forward with this task and repairs are scheduled to take place within the next 30 days (Continue)

2/11/2020: Secure Quotes on concrete deck repair and fence replacement – continue: plan is for quotes to be obtain prior to our next board meeting scheduled 4.14.2020 (Continue)

2/11/2020: Purchase of monument Christmas Lights – Completed and will be removed from action items

Discussion Items

Board Member Karen Bartelli attended the Neighborhood Executive Committee (NEC) Meeting 3.3.2020.  Items discussed at the meeting included: 

The City Of Overland Park is gathering information on ways to strengthen enforcement with the city code in regards to Trash cans and parking of commercial vehicles. 

  • All items stored on the exterior of the property (esp. trash cans) shall be screened from view of the street and all neighbors and behind the front line of the home
  • Commercial vehicles may be parked on private property or in residential areas on one occurrence during a 30 day period.  The occurrence may not exceed 24 hours in duration.  City ordinance considers  some trucks and vans to be commercial vehicles.

A representative from Evergy (Rebecca Galai)  was present and provided information about the merger between KCPL and Westar.  Some highlights from this merger include:

  • There will be no base rate changes until 2023 and residents should see a bill credit every year for the next 4 years, this credit will most likely be integrated into your billing
  • Evergy is looking for individual who are interested in participating in a community solar program,

Review by Positions

PRESIDENT:   No New information

VICE PRESIDENT:   No New information


  • Young Management Company contacted the AMHOA to notify them of a new system that will be available for our use.   The new system (including an extra fee) allows Young Management to pay bills directly to contractors without the signature approval of the Board, thus decreasing payment time for vendors.  The Board voted to decline participation in this program.
  • Received bids for 1 year for Insurance:  the top two were: Auto Owners (current provider) $2686, State Farm $2766 although this quote included lower coverage limits – The board voted to continue with Auto Owners.
  • The Board has saved over $15,000 since 2017 – It is estimated that the project for Fencing Repair will utilize these funds
  • We continue to have 18 residents that have not paid the 2020 Assessment fee – a second notice will be sent to these individuals before the board moves forward with placing liens 
  • We have asked Young Management to provide a summary of those paid by Lot number rather than Last name to avoid any miscommunication  (created action Item)



  • Easter Egg hunt: April 11th – in process of hiring balloon twister and board member to provide face painting
  • Spring Garage Dates will be April 23-25 

SECRETARY:   No new information


  • A homeowner contacted the board to see if it was possible to include glass recycling into our current contract with Deffenbaugh.  It was found the addition of glass recycling would increase rates an extra $20 per household.  The board declined to pursue this option and recommend home owners continue to utilize the glass recycling available in front of Price Chopper.
  • Continue to monitor the weather and communicate with Betton Lawn Care service for replanting at the 2 monuments located at 129th and Quivira
  • Per Bretton Lawn Care Service – 3 trees are scheduled to be planted in common areas and sod repair will begin off Nieman as weather permits
  • Mulching is scheduled to be completed within the next 2 weeks


  • Will adjust the late fee amount located on the website for those who have not already paid their 2020 assessment fees. 

WELCOME WAGON:  No new information

New or Continued Action Items

  • 2/11/2020: Replacement of Bond monument light
  • 2/11/2020: Secure Quotes on concrete deck repair and fence replacement
  • 3/10/2020: Contact Young Management about providing summary of 2020 assessment fees by lot
  • 3/10/2020:  Gather bids for fence replacement