Minutes for July 14th, 2020 Board Meeting

Below is a link to the preliminary meeting minutes for the board meeting on July 14th, 2020.

Please download the Meeting Minutes here:


Date:    July 14th, 2020  7:00 pm  

Meeting held at the Amber Meadow Pool

Attendance:   Kyle Kuhlman, Matt Stevens, Patrick Thurmond, Karen Bartelli

Home Owners Present:  Mike Bretton, Lucy Nolana, and Paul Mwaniki 

Motions and Approval of Minutes:   

  • Previous Meeting minutes were approved by vote of board
  • Board voted to waive Robert’s Rules of Conduct

Old Action Items

  • 4/14/2020:  Reschedule Garage Sale dates  hold due to Covid – canceled fall sale , will have one in the spring 

Discussion items:

  • Patrick Thurmond reports there was an episode of verbal abuse at the Pool.  This “episode” included an adult male and a younger male child (7-10 years of age), making verbal statements regarding race/ethnicity to other homeowners entering the Pool.  These individuals have been identified on video and at this time are not believed to be Amber Meadow residents.  The Board would like to make it known that these types of statements violate the physical/verbal abuse policy and will not be tolerated.  The Board has spoken to the homeowners who were on the receiving end of these comments and although we can not erase the fact that this occurred we apologize on behalf of all homeowners.  Please be on alert and speak up if you hear any such speech and/or connect the authorities.  

Because of our current pool access system we are unable to connect these two individuals to an Amber Meadows residence.  This is just another unfortunate incident that is pushing the board towards purchase of a new pool access system that will log individual homeowner access into the pool with day/time identification.

Review by Positions


  •  JoCo is looking for volunteers to assist with upcoming voting – please contact the county if you are interested
  • Just a reminder to complete the 2020 Census 

VICE PRESIDENT:   No New information


  • Big Trash pick up should re-start next Thursday
  • Company has purchased two homes within Amber Meadows to use as rental properties – the board is looking into to what this might ultimately mean in the long run if more homes are purchased


  • The board approved  homeowner’s request to construct fence with “wood” looking vinyl material

SOCIAL EVENTS:   AM homeowner scheduling random food truck nights held at the pool – look at the AMber Meadows Facebook page for information

SECRETARY:   No new information


  • Tree of Nieman that are damages/dead have been removed  – will continue to identify damaged trees for removal  this fall


  • Pool furniture will be placed for homeowner use – please clean after use 

WEBMASTER:   No new information

WELCOME WAGON:  No new information

New or Continued Action Items:  None

Action Items on Hold

  • 2/11/2020: Secure Quotes on concrete pool deck repair :  Due to difficulty obtaining bid with Covid 19 outbreak, this item will be address this Fall – The pool deck will be patched for the 2020 season – Placed on hold until fall
  • 3/10/2020: Contact Young Management about providing summary of 2020 assessment fees by lot:  On Hold due to Covid 19 – board focusing of how Covid 19 may effect 2020 fee assessment payment
  • 4/14/2020: Replacement Fencing for Section B  – Contract signed, next task is to send out letter to affected homeowner – Awaiting fencing company’s schedule
  • 4/14/2020:  Replanting at Monuments 129th and Quivira –   Did finish planting at 127th Quivira, We will continue with this task come fall for better survival of plantings hold til fall

Next Meeting:  August 11th, 2020 @  7:00pm Location:  Amber Meadows Pool