Amber Meadows vs Bentwood Sand Volleyball Showdown

Amber Meadows vs Bentwood Sand Volleyball Showdown

Have you been waiting on another all adult activity? Well we have you covered with our first recreational subdivision sand volleyball tournament! Yes that’s right, Bentwood vs Amber Meadows! There will be 4 Bentwood teams consisting of 8 players max and 4 Amber Meadows team consisting of 8 players max. Each team will consist of 4 women and 4 men. All team members must be a Bentwood or Amber Meadows resident. The final winning teams from each subdivision will play against each other in the championship game to crown the Champion of the Sand Volleyball Showdown Tournament!! Even if you don’t want to play, we encourage you to come down and join us for a good time!

Sign-up: teams will consist of 8 people per team max 4 women and 4 men. If you have compiled a team, all 8 players must be signed up at the same time. If you do not have a complete team of 8 people, you will sign up individually. Sign-ups will be set on a first come basis. Team assignments (team vs team, schedule, times etc.) will take place after all the available slots have been filled. Game times will range from 9am to 6pm. Communication and schedules will be sent via email.

Group Sign-Ups sign up here if you are registering a complete team of 8

Single Sign-Ups sign up here if you are an individual or group of less than 8 looking for a team to join  

Sign-ups will close on June 5th. If you have challenges or questions regarding sign-ups please send a text to 913.219.3338.

When & Where: Saturday June 19th 2021 at Bentwood Sand Volleyball Court 11100 W 131st Terr Overland Park, KS 66213

First game will be played at 9am and the championship game will be played at 6pm. From 4pm – 8 pm Hot Dogs and Burgers on us. We will also have Brews available for purchase. All residents whether playing are not are welcome to come and participate.

Adult Bentwood and Amber Meadows residents 21 and up only. Play At Your Own Risk.

Team Break Down / Bracket

Since we only have one court, we may want to limit the number of teams to 4 for each subdivision (4 Bentwood & 4 Amber Meadows). The first two games from the 4 teams in each subdivision will play against another team in their subdivision. The two winning teams from their subdivision will play one game against each other to determine the best team from their subdivision. The winning teams from each subdivision final game will play for the championship of the volleyball tournament.

All 7 games ( 4 playoff games – (2 each subdivision), 2 semifinal games – (1 each subdivision), and 1 championship game – (Bentwood champ vs Amber Meadows champ)) could potentially be played on a Saturday (poss. June 12th or 19th)  over the course of 7 to 8 hours. Maybe start at 9am and have a game scheduled for every hour alternating between Bentwood and Amber Meadows. We will want to make sure each team has at least a 30 min break before the semifinal and championship games.

In regard to registration we may want to allow 2 weeks for registration on a first come basis. Each HOA can work with their respective residents to form teams.

A primary contact for each team, preferably by email (so you can contact everyone at once), or at least by telephone. This way you can easily communicate tournament details, and send any updates.

Adult Sand Volleyball (Bentwood and Amber Meadows residents only). Play At Your Own Risk.

Rules –

Six player teams must have at least four players (minimum two females) on the court at all times.

Rotate- All players are required to play every position on the court. Each player must rotate one position clockwise every time their team wins back service from the opposition.

To win a match a team must score more than its opponent. Best of two sets, if each team wins one set than a third set will be played to determine the winner.

First to 21 pts. If a third set is needed, it is played first to 15 pts (best 2 out of 3). Must win by 2.

A three set game will run approx. 60 min.

A rally is a number of hits back and forth between teams.

The serving team wins, scores a point and continues to serve when:

  • The ball lands in the receiving team’s court
  • The ball lands on the sideline or on the baseline
  • The receiving team faults

The receiving team wins, scores a point earns right to serve:

  1. The serving team fails to serve
  2. The serving team fails to return the ball
  3. The ball lands in the area that is out of play or any other fault is committed.

A fault occurs when the ball is hit, or lands outside of the court, or is caught by the net.

The ball is out when first contact is outside of the court.

The ball is in when its first contact with the ground is on the playing court or the boundary line.

The ball is in when first contact is on the baseline.

  • Each team has 3 contacts max to return the ball to the opposing team
  • No player can touch the ball twice in a row except during or after blocking the team’s first contact
  • Blocking counts as one of the team’s three contacts
  • After the block any player can make the first contact with the ball.

Players cannot help teammates reach the ball.

Joust–When two opposing players make contact with the ball at the same time over the net.

Team receiving ball entitled to another 2 hits.

If the ball lands out of bounds, the last team to touch the ball is at fault.

If contacting the ball with one hand it must be cleanly hit with: The back of the hand from the wrist to the knuckles, or the heel of the palm of the hand (roll shot).

Only the three players at the net positions can jump and spike or block near the net.

The ball may touch the net while crossing the net except during a serve. A serve that touches the net is a fault.

A ball hit into the net is playable and may be recovered by the receiving team as long as it’s done within the allotted three team contacts.

Touching the ball beyond the net while blocking is allowed.

Players can’t interfere with opponents movements.

Ok for hand(s) to pass beyond the net after an attack-hit, as long as the contact was made within the team’s playing space.

If it doesn’t interfere with the opponent, players may partially or completely cross the center line below the net or outside the poles, either before, during or after a legal play of the ball.

Crossing the center line and interfering with an opponent during the continuation of play is a fault.