Meeting Minutes for Annual Meeting January 29th, 2022

Below is a link to the preliminary meeting minutes for the board annual meeting on January 29th, 2022.

Please download the Meeting Minutes here:

Date: Jan 29,  2022 – 9:00 am – meeting held online via Zoom

Attendance:  Matt Stephens, Kyle Kuhlman, Patrick Thurmond, Cliff Speegle 

Home Owners Present:  See chat log in the google drive folder


  • Greeting and discussion of topics on the agenda

VICE-PRESIDENT — Not present


  • 2021 total expenses were $149,415.59 and the 2021 estimated budget was $156,106
  • Broken down my Expense the budget is broken down into the following categories:
    • Utilities (including trash) – Approx $205 of the individuals annual $425 dues
    • Grounds – $101 of the $425 dues
    • Pool – $71 of the $425 dues
    • Administration -$17 out of the $425 dues
    • Insurance – $7 out of the $425 dues
    • Savings – $22 out of the $425 dues
  • Waste Management fee increased 3.5% for 2022 year and was a 5% for 2021.
  • Additional details and discussion in the zoom recording


  • Board approving home additions via board meetings and need to add them to the agenda


  • Pool tile replacement 
  • Deck Repairs needed
  • Additional details in the zoom meeting recording


  • Using Bretton’s Lawn service has been great
  • Fence repairs needed
    • Along 127th and those on Quivira
  • Updating monument beds flowers


  • Easter Egg hunt
  • July 4th Parade 
  • Hosted Volleyball Tournament 
    • Might do this again in 2022


  • Website is through Dreamhost – $100 
  • All email and website content is hosted by them

Additional Questions in Chat

See chat log in the Google Drive for details 

Vote for 2022 Board Members 

Nominated: Matt Stevens, Cliff Speegle, Patrick Thurmond, Kyle Kuhlman, Jeff Kander, Anthony White, Brandt Whittenburg

Vote passed to approve all those nominated. See chat log for details.

At Large Members: Tara Brown, is available M-F

Next Meeting: TBD Location: Zoom call unless otherwise notified