Meeting Minutes for March 3rd, 2022

Below is a link to the preliminary meeting minutes for the board meeting on March 3rd, 2022.

Please download the Meeting Minutes here:

Date: Mar 3,  2022 – 7:00 PM – meeting held online via Zoom

Attendance:  Anthony White, Cam Mahurin,Kyle Kuhlman, Patrick Thurmond, Cliff Speegle, Jeff Kander, Brandt Whittenburg 

Home Owners Present:  Mike Bretton, Gerret Moe, Jay Crowder


  • Greeting and discussion of topics on the agenda
  • Defined roles for board
    • President – Anthony White
    • Vice President – Cam Mahurin
    • Treasurer – Kyle Kuhlman
    • Webmaster – Patrick Thurmond
    • Property/Pool – Cliff Speegle, Jeff Kander
    • Architectural – Brandt Whittenburg
    • Secretary – rotating, Brandt Whittenburg will be secretary for March and set up a rotating schedule for the rest of the year. 

VICE-PRESIDENT – No specific topics

TREASURER – No specific topics


  • Mike Ferguson at 12722 Barton requested adding a roof to his deck. – Board Approved
  • Norman Pommerenke at 12842 Bond requested solar panels added to rear of home – Board Approved
  • Daniel Mannes at 12722 King requested solar panels to front and rear of home – Board Rejected, due to plan calling for panels on the front. Board would approve panels on rear only for this house.


  • Pool tile rehab – discussed whether pool tile could be replaced on time for opening for Memorial Day weekend including the expense to drain and fill the pool again, or whether it would be better to wait for the normal fall drain to do the work and continue to re-set popped tiles this pool season as necessary. Ultimately decided to wait on tile replacement.
  • Deck Repairs needed – Cliff got a quote to repair the deteriorating concrete pool deck on the west side of the pool. Jeff offered to get a quote as well, as he has a connection in the pool construction business.
  • Pool concrete caulking – Cliff also got a quote for the thick concrete caulking that waterproofs the joint from pool coping to the pool deck. 
  • Cliff, Jeff, Anthony, and Cam planned to meet at the pool in a few days to get a deeper understanding of the scope of what needed to be done. 


  • Mike Bretton gave the group a very detailed rundown of the status of the grounds and what his company would be doing this spring. 
  • Fence repairs needed along 127th and those on Quivira – discussed doing them all at once vs doing them in sections. Also discussed holding off due to historically high lumber pricing. 
  • Updating monument beds flowers – discussed that there is a small budget to add flowers if homeowners want to, but Mike Bretton pointed out that sprinkler schedules would need to be adjusted if new things were planted as there are no monument-bed-specific zones and no capacity to add such zones to the sprinkler system.  


  • Garage sale
  • Easter Egg hunt
  • July 4th Parade 
  • Volleyball Tournament – Might do this again in 2022


  • Verify all board members are on the appropriate board emails
  • CAPTCHA on the architectural request page doesnt exist, preventing homeowners from submitting the form. 

Next Meeting: 4/7/2022 at 7pm Location: Zoom call unless otherwise notified