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When placing trash/recycling cans out you must leave them AT LEAST 3 ft apart so that the grabbing arm on the truck can get around the individual cans.


Effective:  7/11/2016 Trash/Recycle/Yard Waste collections will be on THURSDAY.  Place items out by 6am.  See www.WM.com for latest details.

pdf-icon2016 Waste Management:(WM) and Deffenbaugh Industries, Inc (DII) have merged, FAQ’s.



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Service Alerts (Waste Management)

DisposalUnitTrash/Recycling/Yard Waste is picked up every Thursday morning.  If a holiday falls on a Thursday, they usually pick up sometime on Monday.

You may put one bulk item on the curb on the 3rd Thursday of the month and it will be picked up sometime that week. Often they come after 5pm for large item pickup.

See Calendar.

You may place your trash carts, recycling carts, lawn bags and One Bulk item at the curb on the evening prior.

WM Email – Connect with WM by email to report any issues or inquiries. Please follow the steps in the link above to submit a form, and we will follow up with you by email.

Inquiry Note: If your request involves an exchange of billing information, you will be deferred to a follow up phone call for the safety of your personal information.

WM Phone or Online ChatConnect with WM by telephone or live chat to report an issue or ask a question. You may enter your zip code to get in touch with a specialist faster via phone or online chat.
WM Availability Note: Only available during regular business hours.

Waste Management Website

*Note 1: Contact Amber Meadows Treasurer if you need a different size container.  The Treasurer will contact WM and replace the existing one on the next trash day.  There are many sizes too.

*Note 2:  New to neighborhood and actual home owner then trash service will start automatically (all liens and payments completed at closing).  Questions can be directed to Amber Meadows Treasurer.

*Note 3:  Moving please leave the containers.  Disposal company owns the containers.  New resident, containers are left by previous owner, contact disposal service, 913-631-3300 if there is an issue.

Trash, Recycling, and Yard Waste (see FAQs below):
As of Jan. 1, 2012, Johnson County restrictions regarding recycling and yard waste have been implemented . Residents are required to subscribe to recycling and all yard waste must be composted.

Services Provided:

Recycling: –  Waste Management will provide 35 gallon (20w x 22d x 34h) carts to all residents for recycling. –  If this size is not adequate for your needs, you may choose the larger 65 gallon cart (27w x 28d x 40h). There is no extra charge for larger carts.

Yard Waste: –  All grass must be either in paper bags or loose in your own yard waste container labeled: YARD WASTE. This container can be no larger than 35 gallons and must not weigh more than 50 lbs. when filled. –  Branches must be bundled.   

  • Yard Waste is collected year round.
  • March – September, there will be a 6 bag allowance.
  • October – November, there will be a 10 bag allowance.


Regular Trash: –  Waste Management will provide 35 gallon (20w x 22d x 34h) carts to all residents for trash. –  If this size is not adequate for your needs, you may choose either of 2 larger cart sizes: 65 gallon (27w x 28d x 40h) or 95 gallon (29w x 34d x 45h). There is no extra charge for larger carts. –  Any trash that does not fit in cart must be tagged with a sticker ($1.25 per bag). You can purchase stickers from Waste Management. Call their customer service line at 913-631-3301 to place an order.

One Bulk Item Pickup –  Waste Management has agreed to offer One Bulk Item Pickup on the 3rd Monday of the month and it will be picked up sometime that week for no additional charge to residents of Amber Meadows. (No freon or hazardous waste, paint, etc.) This is for one bulk item per month only. They will not pick up more than one bulk item. (Please note that this is not the same type of pickup as the Overland Park Large Item Pickup.)  Construction waste in one 45 gallon contractor bag (under 65 lbs.) All bagged, boxed or bundled items must be less than 65 lbs.

For a detailed list of what items can and cannot be recycled

Waste Management – Recycle Often Recycle Right DOs and DONTs

Waste Management – What can we recycle?

Yes/No list on recycle bin:

Acceptable Recyclable Items include:

  • Furniture
  • Computers, printers, televisions, computer monitors
  • Small appliances (not containing CFC’s or Freon)
  • Swing sets—must be disassembled
  • Carpet—cut in four foot lengths, rolled and tied
  • Glass—must be broken down and boxed. For safety, please mark container as “broken glass”
  • Paint—must be dried in cans with lids left off

The following items will not be collected:

  • Car batteries, parts, or tires Wet paint, oils, or automotive fluids Solvents and all other household hazardous materials Fireplace ashes Appliances containing Freon or CFC’s Large quantities of remodeling or construction debris—such as sheetrock, concrete, and wood.
  • Yard debris—such as: dirt, rock, soil, tree limbs, etc… Other large items weighing more than 40 lbs.

The following large items must be broken down and bundled or will not be picked up: swing sets, large cabinets, trampolines, basketball goals, artificial Christmas trees (must be disassembled), real Christmas trees need to be cut in half and not exceed 4ft in length. – If you have questions about other items, call Waste Management at 913-631-3301.

Christmas Tree Disposal

Waste Management and the HOA does NOT offer a Christmas Tree pickup and disposal.  However the city of Overland Park, to help the environment, does offer drop off sites.  Click here to read about it.

New Trash/Recycling/Yard Waste FAQs

If I Choose A Cart That Is Too Small or Too Large, Can I Change to a Different Size?

Call Waste Management Customer Service (913-631-3301) to make this change.

What is the fee for the 2nd cart change or if my cart is damaged?

Waste Management policy is that if a cart is broken or damaged it will be either fixed or replaced free of charge the first time. After one free swap for either the size or damage, there will be a fee of $25.00 to swap size or replace a cart.

What Are The Cart Sizes? 

  • 35 Gallon = 20w  x 22d  x 34h (for trash & recycling)
  • 65 Gallon = 27w x 28d x 40h   (for trash & recycling)
  • 95 Gallon 29w x 34d x 45h      (for trash only)

If I already have a large trash cart, do I have to use the one from Waste Management?

Yes. You’ll have to use the Waste Management/Deffenbaugh carts. They are specifically made to use with their trucks.

What Do I Do With My Old Recycle Bin?

You can put old recycle bins inside the new recycle cart to be picked up or keep them in case you need more room for recyclables.

More information regarding Johnson County plans for landfill restriction and recycling can be accessed by clicking on the following links:

Johnson County Yard Waste Composting Plans

Johnson County Recycling Information

Johnson County Solid Waste Management Plan



The City of Overland Park requires that Waste Management notify you annually of the following:

  1. Solid wast must be stored in purpose-manufactured containers so that it does not attract animals or insects, is not a heal or safety hazard, is not unsightly, and does not produce offensive odors.
  2. Solid waste and recycling may be placed at the curb for collection up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled collection. Following collection, we must, conditions permitting, return your reusable container far enough away from the curb to ensure that it does not blow or roll back into the street.
  3. Trash should be bagged and placed in the black-lidded cart. Any trash that does not fit in the black-lidded cart must be tagged with an overage sticker.  Please visit www.WM.com and click Overage Stickers for purchase details and locations.
  4. Unlimited curbside recycling is included as part of our service.  Recyclables should be placed loose in the yellow-lidded cart, and a list of acceptable materials is shown on the lid.  No glass, please.  Please visit our glass recycling partner, Ripple Glass, at www.ripplelglass.com.
  5. Yard waste should be placed in paper bags, bundles, or rigid containers up to 32 gallons in size.  Yard waste will be picked up on your regular trash day.  Eight items will be collected each week except during October and November, when 10 items will be accepted.  Branches and limbs must be no longer than 4 feet long, bundled and tied (with twine, no wire please) and a diameter no more than 18 inches. No single item should weight more than 65 pounds.  Overage stickers may be used for additional volumes of yard waste.  If you live in a Homes Association, please contact your HOA (Treasurer) as they may have different regulations.
  6. Bulky items can be arranged as a special pickup by calling Waste Management office.
  7. Waste Management cannot collect chemicals, motor oil, paints, solvents or household hazardous wastes.  For information on the disposal of these materials call the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment at (913) 715-6900.
  8. If you have any concerns about our service, please contact Waste Management at (913) 631-3301.


Links for More Information On Recycling