Board’s Roles and Responsibilities

The Board of Directors is the ‘Executive Body’ of the community.  To contact the board see About | Contact Us.

The Board shall have the following specific powers on behalf of the Association:

  • To enforce the provision of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DCC&Rs)
  • To enter into contracts
  • To retain third parties, as necessary, to assist the Board in carrying on the Association’s activities, including engineers, accountants, lawyers, architects, and planners, professional management, and other consultants
  • To acquire services and materials to carry out its duties
  • To initiate and defend litigation, arbitration and other similar proceedings
  • To take such action as necessary to maintain the Common Area in good order and condition
  • To purchase insurance covering potential liability for the use of the Common Areas and other risks
  • To promulgate reasonable rules and regulations for access to and use of Common Areas
  • To establish and collect reasonable fees for the use of an recreational facilities on the Common Areas

All other activities and events are planned, scheduled, managed and or executed by various Association committees or the Association Manager.

Board Roles & Responsibilities:


The President is the ‘leader of the board’.  The president has overall responsibility and accountability for the actions of the board.  The president works with the other board members for leadership guidance and financial security.  The President should expect board members to complete all assigned tasks in a timely, complete and professional fashion.  If a board member fails to complete a task, the president is held accountable.  The president has signature responsibility for all association contracts and financial commitments.  At all times, the president must be current on all association assessments/fees. 

Vice President

The Vice President ‘substitutes for the president’ in his or her absence.  The vice president has the authority to conduct meetings as necessary, and or preside over the board meetings when the president is unavailable.  If/when the president’s position becomes vacant; the vice president assumes the roles and responsibilities of the president for the remainder of the term. The vice president should be informed about programs, agendas, finances, etc., so that he or she is prepared to chair an association meeting in the event of an emergency.  At all times, the vice president must be current on all association assessments/fees.

Architectural Committee

An architectural committee’s responsibility comes from the association’s bylaws. Members of the architectural committee are responsible for maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the association and enforcing the bylaws. Any exterior modifications, additions, or architectural changes need to be approved, see the Architectural Committee page for further details and the approval form need for the work to be completed.

Grounds and Landscaping

The Grounds and Landscaping member is responsible for the general maintenance and upkeep of common areas in a community. Will retain a landscaping company to cut grass and care for plants and trees.  Will ensure that neighborhood equipment, lighting and gates are all in good working order.

Pool Manager

Is responsible for maintaining a community’s  swimming pool, security and parking area. Will oversee a pool-cleaning company that performs routine cleaning and chemical checks.  Will ensure that neighborhood pool equipment, lighting and gates are all in good working order.  For further details see the Pool page.


The secretary is the ‘official recorder’ of the board’s activities; is responsible for ensuring the board meeting minutes are taken and distributed in a timely manner;  and other duties including filing documents and attesting to the validity of the documents by singing them.  At all times, the secretary must be current on all association assessments/fees. 

Social Events

The primary function of the Social Events Committee is to organize events for the Amber Meadows Homeowners enjoyment and to foster a sense of community. These events include but are not limited to Holiday and special events planned for the benefit of the homeowners.  Further details can be found on the Events page.


The treasurer is the ‘chief financial officer’ of the association.  The duties of the treasurer include preparing financial reports; managing/monitoring budgetary operations and replacement reserve funds as required.  The treasurer works closely with the president to confirm that his/her knowledge and understanding of finances is sufficient to maintain all association accounts.  The treasurer helps to set the timelines for completion of all steps of the annual operating budget.  At all times, the treasurer must be current on all association assessments/fees.


The Webmaster shall maintain oversight of the Homeowners Association Internet Website/Email/Social Media sites.