Transfer and Title Company Details

Below are all the details needed to know on transfer of property for Amber Meadows HOA.

Dues are $425 per calendar year and include trash, recycling and yard waste removal.

Invoices are sent out on December 1 each year and payment is due January 1.

There will be a $100.00 transfer fee. Please contact Cheryl at Young Management for details.

HOA Dues can be sent to:
AMHOA C/O Young Management Group, Inc.
10660 Barkley St., Suite 200
Overland Park, KS 66212
Phone: (913) 890-2300   Fax: (913) 890-2320

Please inform new owners of our policy for dues payment:

  • LATE FEES: Dues payments not received by February 1, are subject to late fees.
  • The Amber Meadows Homes Association Delinquency Policy is as follows:
  • Returned checks (for insufficient funds) will incur a $30 returned check fee. The HOA will only accept cashier’s checks from residents who have previously had checks returned for insufficient funds.
  • On February 1, if dues are not paid in full, residents will be charged an additional $25.00 late fee on February 1 statement.
  • On March 1, if dues and late fees are not paid in full,
    1. A $200.00 lien filing fee will be added to the homeowner’s account in accordance with the Homes Assoc. legal documents;
    2. Interest will be levied monthly from February 1, at the maximum rate allowed in Kansas on judgments;
    3. A lien will be filed on residence for all delinquent dues, fees and interest. All future dues, penalties, fees and interest will accrue until lien is paid.

For additional questions please contact AMHOA Treasurer,