AMHOA 2021 Assessment

AMHOA 2021 Assessment

The AMHOA 2021 Assessment as required by HOA bylaws. This may be paid online or by mail.

If you pay by mail the cost will be $425. Online pay costs an additional $13 in service fees (for a total of $438).

The Amber Meadows Homes Association Payment Policy is as follows:
- Returned checks (for insufficient funds) will incur a $30 returned check fee. The HOA will only accept cashier’s checks from residents who have previously had checks returned for insufficient funds.
- If dues are not paid in full by January 31, residents will be charged a $25 late fee on their February invoice.
- On March 1, if dues and late fees are not paid in full,
(1) a lien will be filed with the county for all delinquent dues, fees, and interest. All future dues, penalties, fees, and interest will accrue until the lien is paid.
(2) a $200.00 lien fee will be added to the homeowner’s account in accordance with the Amber Meadows Homes Assoc. legal documents. The Association is also entitled to reasonable attorney's fees, filing fees, and court costs.
(3) interest will be levied monthly from February 1, at the maximum rate allowed in Kansas on judgments.

Please provide your information for the neighborhood
directory on the following website or via QR Code:

Payment is PAST DUE on February 1. Late Fees and interest will apply after that date.

1) Use the Stripe link on the Amber Meadows website. Stripe charges an extra fee.
(The total for this option will be $425 + Stripe fee.)
2) To pay by check:
Please return lower part of Dues Statement with payment and write Lot Number in Memo of check to:
AMHOA C/O Young Management Group, Inc., 10660 Barkley St. Suite 200, Overland Park, KS 66212

Lot Number Lookup

If you need to lookup your lot number, please refer to this spreadsheet:


Start Payment

Online Payment is $438. This is the standard assessment of $425 + Stripe's 2.9% and $0.30 fee, which comes to $438. Once Stripe takes their fees out, the HOA receives $425.

Please be aware that these late fees will go up by $25 per month that they are late. Please contact the Amber Meadows HOA board President or Treasurer if you have any questions or need to work with us on this.

HOA Assessment is now past due

As of February 9th, 2021 we are now adding late fees to all assessments. This includes through online payment. The late fee is $25, bringing the base assessment to $450 + Stripe's 2.9% and $0.30 fee, which comes to $463.75. Once Stripe takes their fees out, the HOA receives $450.