Architectural Approval Form

*** Amber Meadows, Overland Park, Kansas, HOA members ONLY!!!  Map. ***

Dear Homeowners,

Thank you for submitting your project to the Amber Meadows Architectural Committee.

PLEASE EMAIL PHOTOS of your project (examples of materials, paint color swatches painted on side of house, etc) to:

Once this letter is signed by a member of the HOA Board or Architectural Committee indicating that you have followed the HOA process for architectural improvements and that the HOA has received a sufficient number of affirmative votes to approve your project, you are officially authorized to move forward.

When choosing a contractor, the HOA Board strongly urges you to ensure that the contractor:

  1. Is in Good Standing with the Better Business Bureau.
  2. Is a member of NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry).
  3. Has been in business for at least 3 years and has references.
  4. Offers a warranty of materials AND labor in writing.
  5. Does not require a large down payment.
  6. Continues working until the job is completely finished.
    Some contractors begin a job and then don’t come back for several days (or weeks) while they are working elsewhere. This is called “spiking a job” because once they begin, you are legally bound to the contract — no matter how small the start or when they decide to come back.
  7. Offers you a Certificate of Insurance for Liability Coverage & Worker’s Compensation.
    – Coverage should be at least of $ 1,000,000 on homes of this size.
    – If the contractor does not have insurance, you are liable as the homeowner if any worker is injured on your property.
    – If the contractor says he/she does not need it, THINK TWICE!!
    – All reputable contractors will be happy to provide Certificates of Insurance.
  8. Obtains any and all permits required by the City of Overland Park.

Note 1: Should there be any additions and/or changes to this agreement, please contact the signed below for HOA Board approval prior to proceeding.
Note 2: Please allow for 7-14 days before Amber Meadows Architectural Committee responds to your request.
Note 3: Read the 2009 Architectural Report
Note 4: Read the Bylaws & Restrictions
Note 5: Read City of Overland Park for Building & Permits

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