City Ordinances

The following PDF files have been downloaded from the Overland Park City Ordinances website.  Please refer to these sites or go to the website directly:
for all questions concerning property maintenance, trash storage, noise, weeds, vehicles, parking, etc.

OverlandParkCaresAny issue restricted by city ordinance should be reported to the dept. of city ordinances: 913-895-6270.  Or online at Overland Park Cares – Select a Category to Create a Service Request

The city will investigate the infraction and issue a fine if a residence is in violation of any ordinance. This has been very effective in dealing with various issues in the neighborhood. You can anonymously report the violation to the city.

2015 SCAM ALERT: Call 913-896-6300. Groups canvassing the neighborhood with so called “fundraising” programs (magazines, etc.) – these kids are not from our neighborhood and can often get belligerent or threatening. Homeowners need to notify the police department on the day this is occurring and the the police will investigate it:  913-895-6300.  The HOA has placed No Solicitation signs at all entrances.  The city has prosecuted and shut down similar types of scams in the past few years. You can read more about the nature of these scams at this link: Door to Door Sales Scam, Overland Park

NoSoliciting6/9/2016:  AMHOA residents need to call police on solicitors. Last year (2015) signs were placed at each entrance prohibiting solicitors. However, solicitors continue to do their business in our neighborhood. When asked on how to handle unwanted solicitors, Overland Park Police Officer, Patricia Cleary, had the following statement:

Normally when the police receive solicitor calls officers will show up and attempt to make contact with the solicitor. Usually the police just ask them to leave the area unless we find out something illegal about the solicitor or the situation. As for signage. It’s pretty easy for solicitors to state they never saw the signs so that’s why the police will warn the solicitor and ask them to leave. The police would suggest if the homeowner makes contact with the solicitor to point out that the community entrance has signs prohibiting solicitation. If the solicitors refuse to leave the police can then charge for trespassing, if the homeowner chooses to press charges. If the solicitor becomes rude or disorderly call the police and make that known. The police will definitely handle that. Soliciting is one of those situations that is hard to get rid of completely.

6/24/2016 Continuing issues with solicitors in neighborhood.  After many hours talking with PoliceCity Clerk and reviewing the Municipal Codes on Solicitors this is what the HOA is being told for homeowners.  If the homeowner wants NO soliciting at their residence the best a homeowner can do is place a sign on the homeowner’s door.  The sign is specific and can be printed or mailed to the homeowner.  For details see City Clerk No Solicitor website.  Be aware this sign will stop all solicitors including charitable organizations such as schools and Boy/Girl Scouts.  If you are still having problems call the Police Department at 913-895-6300 (non-emergency) and sign a complaint against the solicitor.
City of OP No Solicitors



Political Signs – City of Overland Park

  • Sign can be no larger than three square feet (1′ x 3′).
  • Must be 11′ back from street curb.
  • For primary election, can be posted from June 18 and removed by Aug 4.
  • For general election can be posted Sept 24 and removed by Nov 10.

See the city rules for Political signs.


Below are additional resources for homeowners:

Animal Service Request or Animal Control.

pdf-iconNoise Levels.pdf   (report by calling: 913-895-6300)



Tall Grass/Weeds Service Request 913-895-6000

pdf-iconWeeds.pdf   (report by calling: 913-895-6370)



pdf-iconVehicle Use Parking and Storage.pdf   (report by calling: 913-895-6300)



pdf-iconTrash Storage and Disposal.pdf   (report by calling: 913-895-6370)



pdf-iconProperty Maintenance.pdf    (report by calling: 913-895-6370)



pdf-iconRequirements: Exterior Maintenance of Structures Brochure



Dead Animals or Wild Animals: 913-895-6300

Broken street light, sign or traffic signal: 913-327-6600

Water Main Break: 913-895-1800

Abandoned Car: 913-895-6300

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