Get Connected (Android, iOS, Windows, Smartphone/Tablets)

Have a device and want to get connected to and/or the Calendar?  Below are some settings which should make it a bit easier to setup your device.

Note:  Remember when asked AMHOA public Calendar Address is:

Android (Google):

Google Calendar (Free), on your device go to the Google Play store and download app.  You need a Gmail account.  Subscribing to a Google calendar on Android is actually a two-step process. You must first subscribe to the calendar using the web version of Google Calendar and then add it to your Android device. (Update 3/12/2015 this calendar now works on iOS devices too)

Subscribing to ical on Google Calendar web:
Step 1: go to your Google Calendar on the web
Step 2: Choose “Other calendars”

Step 3: In the dropdown menu, choose “Add by URL”

Step 4: Insert our calendar’s ical address (, click “Add Calendar,” and you should be all set.
Adding subscribed calendars to Android:
Step 1: On your Android device, you may have to clear the existing calendars and re-sync the data for a new calendar to show up.

Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / Calendar -> Clear Data

then Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / Calendar Storage -> Clear Data

Wait a few minutes and you should be able to see the new calendar. If it does the new calendar does not show up, also do the following:

Settings / Accounts & sync -> select your account, uncheck the “Sync Calendar” option

Wait a few minutes and re-check the Sync Calendar option to see

Keep in mind that if you have 2-step verification enabled on your phone, you may have to remove the account entirely and re-add it.


iOS (Apple, iPhone, iPad):

How to sync a Google Calendar with your iPhone.  There was a bug in iOS8 but seems to be fixed as of 2/2015.

Sunrise Calendar (Free); go to the App Store and download Sunrise Calendar by Sunrise Atelier, Inc. This software works on iPhone, iPad and Android phones.  It all depends if you are an only iOS family or only a Android family or both devices.  Looks like Microsoft just purchased the company in 2/2015. Microsoft discontinued app in May 2016.

Windows PC:

Outlook 2013, see instructions.  You will need this ics file:


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