Quivera Rezoning

Rezoning of Property North of Heritage Methodist Church
(Located on Quivira between 127th and 129th Streets)


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2012 October Update

After opposing the initial proposal, Amber Meadows was able to negotiate the following with the developer:

  • increased landscaping along Quivira
  • the removal of all 3-story buildings
  • use of blended brick (instead of all one color red brick)

The city approved the new plan with these changes.


2012 – April 19 Update
Meeting at Nottinham on the Green Club house on April 18 at 7:00 pm

In attendance were City Councilmen Fred Spears and Terry Goodman, The developer, Pat Kelly and his Lawyer.

Meeting conducted by Nottingham President, Tom Murphy

Approximate attendance of Nottingham/Amber Meadows residents: 70

Note on the developer:

Pat Kelly is the owner of the land, free and clear. He has 8-9 developments around the area. Kelly Park by the Home Depot at 132nd & 69 highway is one of his which he is using as a comparison for this property development. He is offering an open showing of this property on Saturday, May 5 from 2-4.

He bought the property from the Church after the 2010 developer could not bring the city-approved project to fruition. That development had been opposed by Nottingham & Amber Meadows and was eventually brought to concession for zoning of 228 multi-family homes (no three story buildings), would be set back from Quivira by 30 feet and would maintain an approved distance from Nottingham property line featuring a pine tree border.

The Property Outline:

The property proposed will house 307 units (40% more then the previously approved). The property would consist of 17 buildings with 1-3 bedroom apartments, 7 of which would be 3 story units. Several of these units would provide attached/in-door/direct access garages. The units near Quivira would be 50 ft back from the street. The units closest to Nottingham’s property line would face inward and parking would be located in front, not behind as in the previous proposal. The approximate retail price for these units will run $900-$1500/mo. The developer maintains there will be adequate drainage built into the plan. There would be two exit/entrances leading from Quivira. One being the extension of 129th, which is planned to connect with the existing portion that flows through Nottingham (129th divides Nottingham

Resident Concerns:

  • 40% more density
  • 3 floor units can be seen from street and houses
  • Possibility of 600 more cars on Quivera
  • Extension of 129–would like to stub 129th at end of proposed Apartment complex
  • Extra traffic lights on Quivira and the flow of traffic
  • Drainage
  • Impact on Bentwood Elementary and California Trail (safety, student/teacher ratio)
  • Taxes
  • Crime (not of the residents living there, but of the target with such density)
  • Security
  • Value of surrounding homes and competition for home sales (one person cited that for a $600k home one could mortgage that for $800mo with 20% down)

Developers views:

  • Units will have garages to keep noise down, less parking, drive certain demographic
  • Units are “A” quality, citing previous proposal as a “1980’s C” class. (Council says this is not a true statement and that previous proposal was presented as “A” quality as well.
  • Set back is more than previous plan: 50ft
  • no cul de sacs for less car light penetration
  • More trees
  • Grade of land will be lower so 3 story building not a problem
  • 40% increase in density allows for building with more luxury interior materials supposed to draw a higher demographic renter.

What We Can Do:

• Attend the Next Planning Meeting at City Council

Monday, May 14 at 1:30 pm, City Hall, 8500 Santa Fe

Our Attorney Mark Epstein will block out time to speak for the community

• Call Your City Council Members:

Car Gerlach (mayor)         John Skubal                     David White
Dan Stock                         Terry Scheier                   Terry Goodman
Jim HIx                             Curt Skoog (president)      Paul Lyons
Fred Spears                      Dave Janson                    Donna Owens
Richard Collins

• File a Protest Petition

Nottinham has already prepared this and I believe they have attained the number of signatures from both neighborhoods

• We Could go Back and Fight the Zoning

This would be a hard battle as the zoning was never the consideration when proposals were rejected in past.


2012 – April 13 Update

Owners of this property have filed an application to rezone this area for apartments. Nottingham On The Green HOA is having a meeting about this situation at their clubhouse (12700 Oakmont) on Wednesday April 18 @ 7:00pm. The new developer and both of our city councilmen are scheduled to be there. Any interested Amber Meadows resident can attend. They are hoping for a large group to attend and stand against this rezoning attempt.

The following was sent to the Amber Meadows HOA:



Meeting of O.P. City Planning Commission: February 8, 2010 at 1:30pm
Location: 8500 Santa Fe Drive, Overland Park, KS

pdf-iconDownload Meeting Agenda



pdf-iconDownload Rezoning Site Plan




Heritage Methodist Church, our neighbor across Quivira, has filed with the City for rezoning their undeveloped property adjacent to Nottingham by the Green.

The rezoning request is for land between 127th and 129th streets on the West side of Quivira. This land is directly across the street from Amber Meadows homeowners who recently received a notice about the rezoning application.

The church plans a multi-family development, in partnership with the developers who presented a similar rezoning request in 2009. It was defeated upon appeal to the City Council. One major difference with the new proposal is that units are reduced in scale from three-story to two-story, however the density is still significantly increased from how the property is zoned within the City’s Master Plan. Neighbors and board members will be attending the planning committee meeting in February.